„You don’t have to be ‚gifted‘ to learn to draw like a master, but you need to have the right instructions on how you learn it.“

Hi! Are you ready to join the hundreds of other art students who are using the Charles Bargue Drawing Course as an established approach to learn how to draw? – then click the button below. The Charles Bargue Drawing Course is the collected set of knowledge from centuries of academic art education and is beeing used in classical art academies throughout the world. It was developed and widely used in the mid 19th century as a foundational exercise for fine art training until modernism began to neglect skill and technique. Since the comeback of traditional values art schools and academies have been formed which follow this proven approach of the great masters as an essential process in understanding the principles of shape, proportion, value and form.

Charles Bargue is mostly remembered for his Cours de dessin, one of the most influential classical drawing courses conceived in collaboration with Jean-Léon Gérôme. The course […] was to guide students from plaster casts to the study of great master drawings and finally to drawing from the living model.

Among the artists whose work is based on the study of Bargue’s platework is Vincent van Gogh, who copied the complete set in 1880/1881, and (at least a part of it) again in 1890.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Bargue

In a classical atelier you start by copying two dimensional references – the Bargue plates – as perfect as possible. This teaches you to see distances, lengths and angles as well as shading. First you would make few general guidelines – the rest is built up through observation and correction. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions.


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Charles Bargue Drawing Course digital download package:

3 videos: Figure drawing, Plaster Cast Drawing, Master Copy
+ 2 bonus videos: Cast Drawing ´Ear´, Comparison with the computer
+ 20 Hi-res Bargue plates
+ detailed instructions as PDF
+ 2 free ebooks
+ 140 academic drawings


This  digital download package contains 20 Hi-res Bargue plates in a restored version for printing them out on your desktop printer or in a copy shop. Note that this package contains nudity. If you feel offended by nudity please abstain from buying.

Visual Representation of Bargue Course

Here’s a visual representation of the content included in the ‚Charles Bargue Drawing Course‘

This digital download package contains:

  • 3 step by step videos (1 x Figure Drawing, 1 x Bargue Plaster Cast Drawing, 1 x Master Copy – Nude woman by Pierre Paul Prud’hon)
  • 2 bonus videos (1 x Cast Drawing of an ear plaster cast, 1 x Instructions on how to compare your drawing with the computer)
  • 20 Bargue Plates
  • 3500 x 4900 pixels
  • instructions on how to approach the drawing exercises
  • eBook „The Practice and Science of Drawing“ by Harold Speed
  • eBook „The Human Figure“ by J.H. Vanderpoel
  • 140 academic drawings
  • instant download – no shipping, no waiting

In the internet you can find numerous sources for pirated Bargue plates – scanned from the book by Gerald Ackerman. Although the original Bargue plates are older than 100 years and thereby belong to the public domain, scans from this book are illegal. Additionally the prints in this book have suffered over the many years and have stains and are dirty.

The Bargue plates in this digital download package have been restored so that there is no stain or dirt distracting you.

So here is the 100% legal Charles Bargue Drawing Course with 20 restored Bargue plates in high resolution for $12.90.


$12.90 (click here to find out what it is in your currency)

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