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Who is this guy anyway and why does he think this Charles Bargue Drawing Course could teach me how to draw?

My name is Björn Gschwendtner and I am a freelance artist and illustrator. While I was interested in comics from my childhood on I discovered my interest in the beautiful classical fine art only 10 years ago. I learned how academies and ateliers – who teach classical art – are following a specific route in teaching students how to draw and paint realistically. The academies and ateliers are so confident with their centuries old methods that they don’t want an application portfolio – everyone can learn it. And that is what I did. And I am as confident as the academies that you can learn it too!

What if I’m not good at art? I’ve heard that you need to be born with talent

As I said the academies don’t require any artistic talent nor a portfolio from future students. The methods are proven to be successfull. The academic approach of learning how to paint like the Old Masters is a system that derived from the experience of hundreds of years. This approach is so successful that even a total beginner in arts is able to achieve mastery, no matter what skill level one has. The academies are so confident with that and the results prove them right. For example the Angel Academy of Art accepts students without any restrictions and without a portfolio:

Application is open to all: there are no restrictions on age or experience. We do not require any previous Educational Certificates of whatever title from the applicant.
Angel Academy of Art |

The process for these three or four years of art training in an atelier is mostly the same: first Bargue Drawing and Cast Drawing, then Figure Drawing. After drawing comes painting, first with a limited palette and then successivley with a broader range of colors. As you can see every next step is founded on the previous steps.

The first step – the Bargue Drawings – are provided on this website. You can also visit my website which covers the second step in the education of a classically trained artist.

What is the number one secret for learning to draw realistically?

Drawing trains the eyes. Practising drawing trains perception to a high degree and sets the foundation for painting – that is working with color. Not until the student has mastered perception of form, he is able to switch to color. So learning to draw is the first step for a student.

Form is not represented through color but through light and shade. This is the reason, we are able to watch black and white pictures and television and everything but the color can be recognized. Black and white and every gradation in between are the essential factors of a realistic picture.

THIS MEANS: if you want to be able to paint realistically, you need to be able to draw realistically!

But how do you learn to draw and how do you learn to draw exactly?

Well, now is the time where the Bargue Drawings come in. With the Bargue Drawings you learn to see distances, angles and lenghts and a bit of shading – those aspects who define the general stucture of a thing. Through working with a Bargue plate you learn to see and judge these things.

Okay… so what exactly is the ‘Charles Bargue Drawing Course’?

If you have read the introduction on the main page you can now watch this video for a deeper look into the Charles Bargue Drawing Course:

What makes this digital download package so special?

Since there is no copyright anymore on these Bargue plates there are published books with the lithographs by Charles Bargue. The downside of this is that it costs a lot of money – depending on availability – has all the noisy and dirty paper structure and needs to be torn apart for scanning and printing a drawing reference.

In this digital download package there is no dirty or stained paper structure, the drawings are restored and are delivered in high resolution. Why buying a book, scan the page, print it out and only THEN start to practise? Why not start printing out right away and begin practising?

Can’t I get this information for free online?

What you’ll find online are illegal scans of the printed book by Gerald Ackerman which are in fact also very dirty and noisy due to the old age of the original plates. This download package contains completely restored references.

How much does the ‘Charles Bargue Drawing Course’ cost?

In a classical academy or atelier you’ll spend the first months with the Bargue plates. Keeping in mind that these private schools charge hundreds and thousands of dollars per month this can be very costly.

In contrast, this package gives you the instructions you need to aquire the skill of classical drawing. With its 20 Hi-res Bargue plates, 3 instructional videos and PDF, free ebooks and hundreds of free nude drawings from the masters of past centuries this is a one-time investment of only 12.90$.

What if I don’t have enough time to learn to draw?

Well, practise makes perfect they say – and that is very true. The more you practise, the better you`ll become. But you can waste your time with the wrong instruction or you can save time by following the right instruction and this is the Charles Bargue Drawing Course.


12.90$ (click here to find out what it is in your currency)